Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Supercoah Bargains

Here are the Geelong players that are going to be good value for money in Supercoach for 2010.

James Podsiadly- Should play a number of games with his elevation to the senior list. Will be played deep inside the forward 50 and will be a target. Expect to average 80 points a game.

Shannon Byrnes - Had a breakthrough year in 2009. Looks set to continue where he left off. If he can get his kicks to go between the two big posts he will be averaging over 100pts a game. The ban imposed on Mathew Stokes doesn't hurt either.

Brad Ottens - Had an extremely short season in 2009 due to injury, but is back fit & firing after a mishap with a propller. Will amass a number of points through hit-outs, marks and goals. I'd imagine 80+ average.

Josh Hunt - Kicks out from full-back. Is a link man when exiting the defensive 50 and an "out" when under pressure. Looks to have recovered fully from a knee injury in 2009. 70+ points per game from Josh.

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