Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geelong Squad For Round 02

B: Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Josh Hunt
HB: Darren Milburn, Harry Taylor, Corey Enright
C: Cameron Ling, Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel
HF: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Paul Chapman
F: Ryan Gamble, Tom Hawkins, Mathew Stokes
Foll: Mark Blake, Joel Corey, Gary Ablett
I/C (from): Travis West, Shannon Byrnes, James Kelly, David Wojcinski, David Johnson, Brent Prismall, Travis Varcoe

First, the good news...

Tenace out!!!
Praise be! I thought the day would never come.

But now the bad...

Mackie out. Word has it with a strained quad. Hopefully it's not a long term injury.

Which brings us to Ottens. "He could have come back on" my arse!!!

My money's on The Black Flash to replace Tenace. One waste of space for another. And Prismall wastes another week on the emergency list. Either play him or let him prove himself in the 2's.

Round 02 Tips


How about those cats?

I'm still tipping them this week, but they are far from a certainty.

Here's my tips for this week...

Brisbane Lions Vs Collingwood
This is a close one, so I'm going with the home side.

Melbourne Vs Western Bulldogs
After the debacle that was last week Melbourne should not be on anyone's winners list. The doggies in a cakewalk.

Adelaide Vs West Coast Eagles
Adelaide...still playing the ugly game. West Coast to cruise to victory. Glass to restore his name after J Brown monstered him last week.

Fremantle Vs Hawthorn
While Hawthorne are not as good as everyone says they are (C'mon, it was Melbourne they beat) Fremantle are as bad as everyone says they are.

St Kilda
Vs Carlton
Carlton couldn't even beat Richmond. That's gotta say a lot.

Sydney Vs Port Adelaide
Port were "gallant in defeat" against the Mighty Fighting Felines last week and if they can pull their fingers out early should cream the lacklustre Swans.

Vs Essendon
This one will be close. I'm going with my heart on this one, but my head says "draw".

Richmond Vs Kangaroos
Richmond are back!!!! Or so they want us to believe. The shinboner spirit will not allow another atrocity like last weeks failure against the Dons. Kangas in a canter.

My Certainties: Western Bulldogs, Kangaroos, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide.

There you have it, my tips for round 02. I've updated the tally after last week's games.

Correct Tips Last Round: 5
Correct Tips So Far: 5
Tips %: 62.5
Certainties Correct: 2
Certainties %: 66.6

Friday, March 21, 2008

CatsLife - New Geelong Cats Comic

First Impressions - Round 01 - Port Adelaide Vs Geelong

Port Adelaide 14.12.96
Defeated By
Geelong 15.15.105

Well, it's good to have footy back.

Last nights game was a bit of a disappointment for me personally. It seems that - once again - we failed to play the whole four quarters.

After a slow start in which Port managed to skip away to a 12 point lead, we got a run on and were 31 points clear.

Then the rot set in.

I know it's the first round of the season, but these guys are paid to kick a ball, yet were regularly missing targets by hand and by foot.

Take a bow Kane Tenace. Not only was his disposal woeful, prompting my viewing partners to groan every time he went near the ball, but when under the slightest pressure he panicked. Handballs straight to the opposition were particularly frustrating to watch.

Probably the worst thing to see was how Tenace would handball to a player surrounded by opposition players. I know he's struggling to keep his place in the side, but attempts to get his teammates injured are just plain wrong.

And where is the supposed speed that allegedly enables him to continually get a game? Not once did I see him chase, let alone a tackle.

The defence was a bit lax at times, running off their men when we were exiting the defensive 50, only to watch the ball sail over their head to awaiting opposition players on the overlap. At one point a trio of Port players raffled it 15m out from goal with nary a feisty feline in sight.

Another aspect of our game that gets me worked up is the "play on at all costs" mentality. I know that- for the most part - it makes our team a pleasure to watch, however it isn't appropriate when it means that you play on from 30m directly in front only to get corralled and have to chip it backwards to someone in a worse position than you started in.

Well, enough whingeing...time for some highlights.

Hawkins showed some promise with a huge pack-busting leap nearly coming off and a great checkside goal from deep in the pocket.

Mooney seems to have maintained his self-control, accepting some shonky decisions that went against him.

Trent West showed he has what it takes to become our number 2 ruckman, while Mark Blake looked like he spent too long in the gym and not enough time with the ruck coach.

Joel Corey amassed 30 possessions, which was good for my supercoach team, shame the Cornes brothers outshone him (but again great for my supercoach).

Chappy's back. Enough said.

All up I'm glad we got the win, but we looked like we wished we were somewhere else at times. While my opinion may change with future viewings I will end by saying that I will be expecting more effort next week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Geelong Squad For Round 01

B: Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Josh Hunt
HB: Darren Milburn, Andrew Mackie, Corey Enright
C: Cameron Ling, Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel
HF: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Paul Chapman
F: Ryan Gamble, Tom Hawkins, Mathew Stokes
Foll: Mark Blake, Gary Ablett, Joel Corey
Int: Trent West, Shannon Byrnes, James Kelly, Kane Tenace
Emg: Harry Taylor, David Johnson, Brent Prismall

Ottens is out with a rolled ankle he suffered in the VFL practice match. It's rather annoying how the club announced that he was fine and could have returned to the field. Then they wait until they're boarding the plane for Adelaide before they tell anyone. What a joke. Do they think that Port Adelaide will be wishing they had of known? A late inclusion would be a tactical advantage, but a withdrawal? Ridiculous!

Poor Brent Prismall, resigned to live out his days rotting on the emergency list. The guy's easily among or best 22, yet he is left out while Kane Tenace is given a slot on the bench. That I just don't understand. Are we trying to exploit a perceived lack of speed on behalf of the Power? So frustrating.

Good to see Ryan Gamble get a gig. The guy led the goal kicking for the preseason, so he has definitely shown some spark. Harry Taylor was unlucky to miss out. There goes my supercoach.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Channel 7 Coverage - Port Adelaide V Geelong - Round 01

Channel 7 is airing the Round 01 clash between Geelong Cats and Port Adelaide.

The coverage starts at 8:30pm (Geelong time) Thursday night.

Important facts:
Bruce is back...special!
Buckley's debut.
Pre-recorded interviews with 2007 Premiership players Gary Ablett, Jimmy Bartel, Brad Ottens, Tom Harley and Paul Chapman.

That last point has peaked my interest.

I'm just so glad that Footy is Back!!!

Carn the Cats!!!

Geelong Cats Book: "The Mission"

Scott Gullan of Herald Sun fame has released a book detailing the Cats' transformation from the disaster team of 2006 into the Greatest Team of all we know and love today.

Word has it he set out to check out how things were going with "The Review" of 2006, and ended up staying throughout the 2007 season.

Looks like it will be a good read.

I hope to snaffle me a copy.

Available from the Cats Shop, so your hard earned cash can go into club coffers.

Round 1 2008 Tips

Well, lets see how I go this year with my tips...of DOOM!!! :D


My Tips in bold.

Carlton V Richmond
Judd to add too much to Carlton. Fev to finally get it delivered lace out. No more excuses big fella.

Port Adelaide V Geelong
How can I tip against the Cats? Maybe if i was insane!!!

Collingwood V Fremantle
Collngwood will take a lot out of last year, while the Dockers will struggle under Harvey.

West Coast Eagles V Brisbane Lions
The Eagles just have too much class. Especially from Glass. But poety won't save Brizzy. They'll feel Dizzy. Hahaha, that was terrible.

St. Kilda V Sydney
Saints will have gotten a confidence boost from the NAB Cup win. Too easy.

Western Bulldogs V Adelaide
The Crows will crush the Dogs. Craig is just a better coach.

Hawthorn V Melbourne
My god, who would tip Melbourne? Only Melbourne supporters and people who think tipping against the flow shows courage.

Kangaroos V Essendon
Kangaroos will show the shinboner spirit that got them a single game from the big one in 2007. Essendon under Knights will flounder.

For something different I'm going to list the winners that I believe are definitely going to win.
My Certainties: Carlton, Geelong, Hawthorn.

There you have it, my tips for round 1. I'll post a tally each week so you can see how good I go.

Correct Tips Last Round: N/A
Correct Tips So Far: 0
Tips %: N/A
Certainties Correct: 0
Certainties %: N/A

Monday, March 17, 2008

Get Your 2007 Grand Final DVD & Season Highlights DVD

Any of you guys with a birthday coming up, grab a copy of the 2007 AFL Grand Final.

Relive all the highlights of the greatest day of our lives...

- Chapman's mark over Tredrea.
- Stokes' back from the grave return.
- Ottens' brilliant chase and tackle (My fave).

Also you can get a DVD of 2007 Geelong Football Club Season Highlights.

Both are available in a box set.

I suggest grabbing them from the Cats Shop at Kardinia Park.
Support the club.

Don't Forget To Buy Your Memberships!!!

Greetings all.

Just a quick note to remind you all (yes, both of you) to get your 2008 Geelong Cats Memberships.

Show the club your support, and they will reward you.

Last year all members received a 2007 premiers pin.

You also get a "Geelong - Footy Full On" cap, and access to finals tickets.

Get on board!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Predictions For 2008

Alrighty then!

Let's get this over with.

How wrong can one person be about a footy season...let's see.

Premiers: Geelong Cats (Of course - 3 losses for the season).

Wooden Spoon: Melbourne (2 wins).

Brownlow: Joel Corey (32 votes).

Coleman Medal: Brendan Fevola (102 goals - Judd will put it lace out).

Rising Star: Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn).

Mark of the Year: Matthew Stokes (Come see the little man fly!).

Goal of the Year: Bloody Dale Thomas (Probably on ANZAC day).

Norm Smith Medallist: Paul Chapman (So close last year).

Geelong Best & Fairest: Paul Chapman.

Geelong Leading Goal-kicker: Steve Johnson (60 goals).

Geelong Most Improved: Shannon Byrnes (He's gotta come good some day).

Geelong Best First Year Player: Harry Taylor (Will play for Matty Egan).

Most reported player: Campbell Brown (Reported 3 times - will serve 6 weeks).

There ya have it.

I'm sure 90% of them will be wrong, but no guts = no glory.

Lets have a good one.

2008 SuperCoach Predictions.

It's that time of the year again...

We're all filled with expectation and a little dread (Richmond supporters) for the coming season, and now we get the chance to show that we actually know what we're talking about when it comes to AFL.

Yes SuperCoach is back!!! Back to make us look like Gods or fools depending on how the players we place our faith in perform on the big stage.

In this post I am going to put my neck on the chopping block and predict which Geelong rookies will give you the best bang for your buck.

Top Value:
- Harry Taylor - Played some good games in the NAB Challenge. Kept Richo quiet until a late burst soiled his record, also played well against J. Brown in Brisbane. Will most likely get a gig while Matthew Egan is out, possibly until round twelve. Should be able to double your money if he plays, which I see as being a likely scenario.

- Ryan Gamble - Has been outstanding up foward so far in 2008. Snagged a few goals and looks to be able to hold a mark. May even get a run before Tom Hawkins. Well worth a look.

- Trent West - With Ottens a chance to miss round one the door is ajar for the young ruckman. Should he play, the astute SuperCoach could make a tidy sum.

Who to steer clear of:
- Kane Tenace - Any game where effectiveness of possessions is a factor leaves "Blackjack" on the outer. Shocking disposal and decision making create a SuperCoach trainwreck.

- Rookie listed players. L.Bedford, C.Kangars, J.Laidler, B.Moles, S.Mumford. They can't play until someone has a season ending injury.

- Shannon "Shagga" Byrnes - This could be a career defining season for "Monty". Will it lift him to new heights? Or will his kicking, decision making, and coolness under pressure leave fans furious? Only time will tell.

- Brent Prismall - Should have broken into the team last season, but there were no open spots *cough*Byrnes!*cough* If theres an injury in the cetnre or wings he will be a genuine chance to play, and should he play he will repay every dollar of your investment. Gold.

Now for the Cream:
Gary Ablett
Jimmy Bartel
Joel Corey
All three will score around thirty possessions a game, Corey may lose points dues to - at times -shoddy disposal, but will make up for it with contested balls.

Matthew Scarlett - Will rack up 25+ possessions a game. With bonuses to marks from opposition kicks making him great value.

And there you have it.

I hope that helps.

Good luck, bit not too much. I want the ca$h!!! :D

2008 Season Predictions

OK, we had a fantastic year in 2007. I'm pretty sure its the best the club has ever known.

What I don't understand is how people are now coming out with bold predictions of "dynasties" and other stuff & nonsense.

These people think that back-to-back flags happen every year.

Maybe it's due to the Brisbane Lions dominance from 2001-2003, or it may be a result of the two Sydney Swans vs West Coast Eagles Grand Finals of 2005/06? Perhaps it because even Collingwood made it to the big one twice in a row?

Anywhoo, these people seem to forget that it's Geelong we're talking about here.

Geelong are a great club - they're my club - but anyone who's been around for longer than it takes to get your drivers licence knows that Geelong is such an up and down side. One minute they're playing like men possessed, the next minute they look like they could hardly be bothered tieing their shoe-laces. Anyone in need of a reminder of this fact only need watch the round 10 2006 game vs the Eagles. Up by 54 points midway through the 3rd term the Cats somehow found a way to lose.

Geelong can do great things this year, provided we play the fast, attacking brand of footy that we are known for and which carried us to our first premiership since '63. Injuries will also play a significant part. In 2007 we had a few, but they were all able to be covered. Mainly because they didn't happen to two players with the same role. It was always a ruckman and a small foward out, or a centre half-back and a wingman. We never had to rely on a 3rd string option.

So if everything falls into place like it did in 2007 we will be a definite chance, but some are behaving as if it is a given. I am yet to see a columnist place Geelong outside of the final eight for the 2008 season, with most (9/10) claiming that we will be playing on the last Saturday in September.

Optimism is one thing, but blind faith is dangerous.

Carn the cats!!!

Otto's ankle.


So Otto's rolled his ankle and might miss the Grand Final rematch.

They only played him for a half. What's up with that? If you need a bit more work on one of our best and most influential players, why bother playing them for half a match in the twos?

Surely if the big fella needed a bit of extra fitness they could have organised some fartlek?

It appears now that two players will be missing in Round One, with Wojcinski out for four weeks with tendon surgery required on an injury sustained in the NAB challenge match against Richmond. Somehow these things tend to stretch out to six weeks.

Geelong Cats 2008 Draw & Television Schedule


1 Thursday March 20 Port Adelaide 8:15pm A (AAMI) 7

2 Sunday March 30 Essendon 2:10pm H (TD) 7

3 Sunday April 6 Melbourne 1:10pm H (KP) F

4 Saturday April 12 St.Kilda 2:10pm A (TD) 10

5 Saturday April 19 Sydney 2:10pm H (KP) 10

6 Friday April 25 Fremantle 6:40pm A (SUBI) 7

7 Saturday May 3 Brisbane 2:10pm H (KP) F

8 Saturday May 17 Richmond 2:10pm A (MCG) 10

9 Friday May 23 Collingwood 7:40pm A (MCG) 7

10 Saturday May 31 Carlton 7:10pm H (TD) 10

11 Friday June 6 Kangaroos 7:40pm A (TD) 7

12 Sunday June 15 Port Adelaide 1:10pm H (KP) F

13 Saturday June 21 West Coast 5:40pm A (SUBI) 10

14 Friday July 4 Adelaide 7:40pm A (AAMI) 7

15 Saturday July 12 Fremantle 2:10pm H (KP) 10

16 Saturday July 19 Bulldogs 2:10pm H (KP) 10

17 Friday July 25 Hawthorn 7:40pm A (MCG) 7

18 Saturday August 2 Richmond 7:10pm H (TD) 10

19 Friday August 8 Melbourne 7:40pm A (MCG) 7

20 Saturday August 16 Sydney 7:10pm A (TD) 10

21 Sunday August 24 Kangaroos 1:10pm H (KP) F

22 Saturday August 30 West Coast 2:10pm H (KP) 10

KP = Kardinia Park F = Foxtel (PAYTV)

AAMI = AAMI Stadium

SUBI = Subiaco

TD = Telstra Dome

2008 Geelong Cats Player List & Rookie List

Senior List
David JOHNSON 28
Steven JOHNSON 20

Rookie List