Saturday, March 15, 2008

2008 Season Predictions

OK, we had a fantastic year in 2007. I'm pretty sure its the best the club has ever known.

What I don't understand is how people are now coming out with bold predictions of "dynasties" and other stuff & nonsense.

These people think that back-to-back flags happen every year.

Maybe it's due to the Brisbane Lions dominance from 2001-2003, or it may be a result of the two Sydney Swans vs West Coast Eagles Grand Finals of 2005/06? Perhaps it because even Collingwood made it to the big one twice in a row?

Anywhoo, these people seem to forget that it's Geelong we're talking about here.

Geelong are a great club - they're my club - but anyone who's been around for longer than it takes to get your drivers licence knows that Geelong is such an up and down side. One minute they're playing like men possessed, the next minute they look like they could hardly be bothered tieing their shoe-laces. Anyone in need of a reminder of this fact only need watch the round 10 2006 game vs the Eagles. Up by 54 points midway through the 3rd term the Cats somehow found a way to lose.

Geelong can do great things this year, provided we play the fast, attacking brand of footy that we are known for and which carried us to our first premiership since '63. Injuries will also play a significant part. In 2007 we had a few, but they were all able to be covered. Mainly because they didn't happen to two players with the same role. It was always a ruckman and a small foward out, or a centre half-back and a wingman. We never had to rely on a 3rd string option.

So if everything falls into place like it did in 2007 we will be a definite chance, but some are behaving as if it is a given. I am yet to see a columnist place Geelong outside of the final eight for the 2008 season, with most (9/10) claiming that we will be playing on the last Saturday in September.

Optimism is one thing, but blind faith is dangerous.

Carn the cats!!!

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