Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Shitty Week For The Geelong Football Club!

It starts out the same as any week for Geelong in 2010. Rumours of the defection of the Brownlow medal winning superstar Gary Ablett. Ho-hum. Whatever shall we do.

Secondly, James Hird gets appointed as coach of Essendon. Normally this wouldn't raise an eyebrow at the Cattery, but the fact he has zero experience in coaching means that he'll need someone to hold his hand. Now the rumours start up that it's going to be either Bomber, Choco Williams, or Dean Laidley.

Whatever, as if that'll happen.

Third, Bomber comes to the club and tells them that he's not sure he wants to continue coaching next year. Great! But he assures the club that it's not because he's heading to Essendon to become Director of Coaching or some shit, it's purely because he's burnt out. And if that's true I say fair enough.

But the footy world is a strange beast. Undying support can turn into knives in the back in the space of 2 days.

So now we've got a coach who doesn't want to coach us anymore, but is being wooed by his old club. The club he captained to a premiership, and that has just signed it's golden boy to a coaching stint.

So the club superstar comes back from his holiday in - surprise, surprise - Queensland and call a press conference for 12.30. OK, finally, the rumours will be put to bed. And put to bed they were.

He's gone.

The final bearer of the Ablett name. The name that sits alongside Farmer, Wade, Davis and Ford as being synonymous with Geelong.

And 20 years of history is cast to the wind.

Goodbye Gary. It was good while it lasted, but now you've moved on. And soon, so shall we.

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