Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round 09 Tips

Round 8. What a round for tippers. Most seemed to be getting 7 or 8, with betting houses around the nation crying poor. Music to my ears.

Again the Saints let us down with an insipid display against the plucky, buy admittedly average Magpies.

The Cats once again gave us a scare by coming from an early deficit to walk away with the points. Questions of their ability to play out four quarters led to Tom Harley making a statement to the media that the fans expect too much...and then proceeded to say that the fact that they can't run out four quarters was worrying the team. Seriously? What's up with that?

Collingwood Vs Geelong
Cats should do this easy unless they decide to make it difficult and only show up after half-time. I have a lot more than pride riding on this one, so a shellacking would be nice. I would also like to see the umpires give Collingwood a ton more frees, especially 5m out, directly in front. That way there'll be no excuses when we flog em.

Carlton Vs Fremantle
Who can tell?
Carlton because it's at home.

Port Adelaide Vs Sydney
Another toughie. Sydney because they'll be rested after playing half a game against the Dons.

Essendon Vs Richmond
Tigers should do this easy. The Dons are just terrible. They looked like the Washington Generals last week.

West Coast Vs Adelaide
Crows for my money. West Coast are after the last number 1 draft pick for a few years.

Brisbane Lions Vs St. Kilda
Lions. St Kilda have let me down in the past though. But I reckon this time they'll do me proud and loser like the losers they are.

Melbourne Vs Hawthorn
Hawthorn to be surprised by Melbourne finally stringing together two consecutive goals late into the 3rd term. Meanwhile both Buddy and Roughy will outscore the Dees on their lonesome.

Western Bulldogs Vs Kangaroos
Could go either way, but I'm going for the "undefeated" Doggies.

My Certainties: Geelong, Richmond, Adelaide,Brisbane, Hawthorn.

There you have it, my tips for round 09. I've updated the tally after last week's games.

Correct Tips Last Round: 7
Correct Tips So Far: 49
Tips %: 76
Certainties Last Round: 5
Total Certainty Predictions: 32
Total Certainties Correct: 28
Certainties %: 87

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