Friday, June 6, 2008

Geelong Squad For Round 11

B: Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Andrew Mackie
HB: Darren Milburn, Max Rooke, Corey Enright
C: Joel Selwood, Cameron Ling, Jimmy Bartel
HF: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Mathew Stokes
F: Paul Chapman, Tom Lonergan, Jame Kelly
Foll: Mark Blake, Joel Corey, Gary Ablett
Int: Brad Ottens, Travis Varcoe, Shannon Byrnes, David Wojcinski
Emg: Brent Prismall, Harry Taylor, Tom Hawkins

Otto came back and didn't re-injure last week which is a positive.

Harry Taylor a bit stiff to be dropped this week, while Tom Hawkins has had it coming for a while now. Maybe a run in the 2's will do them both good.

Cam Mooney and Paul Chapman come back into the team which hopefully will add some potency to the foward-line which should have buried Carlton by half time last weekend.

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