Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aftermath Of The Round 04 Clash Vs The Saints

A good win by the boys after falling asleep at the start and being a bit sloppy.

Gary Ablett & Jimmy Bartel quiet by their lofty standards and Joel Corey once again showing why he's surging up the Brownlow medal favouritism.

Speaking of favouritism...the bloody umpires were annoying me something chronic.

How can Steve Johnson take a mark and then be tackled? It's either 50m or a free against Smudger.

I'm not sure it was Razor Ray Chamberlain, but I hate the guy so I'm gonna blame him for it.

Mark Blake Vs Steven King was a bit of fun, and while King had Blake's measure one-on-one Blake helped the mighty cats get another 4 pts.

A few worries this week...

Ryan Gamble has been reported for striking Nick Dal Santo. Pretty week stuff, but he'll no doubt cop a week or two in order to let the rest of the league have a chance.

Cameron Mooney looks like he may be tribunal bound after some people think he tripped a Saints player. Don't know how you can trip someone from up in the air, but he'll be right.

Trent West is supposed to be looked at for his shepherd on X Clarke which saw the X-Man crumble like a house of cards caught in a light zephyr. Nothing in it other than a free "Harden The F*@k Up!!!" bracelet courtesy of the Blue Boys.

And finally, word has it Jimmy Bartel did something to someone somewhere. I didn't see it, didn't hear it mentioned during the coverage, but word has it it will be looked at.

Who knows? Maybe Sydney do have a chance this weekend after all.

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