Thursday, April 3, 2008

Geelong Squad For Round 03

B: Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Josh Hunt
HB: Darren Milburn, Harry Taylor, Corey Enright
C: Cameron Ling, Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel
HF: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Paul Chapman
F: Ryan Gamble, Tom Hawkins, Mathew Stokes
Foll: Mark Blake, Gary Ablett, Joel Corey
Int: Trent West, Max Rooke, James Kelly, David Wojcinski
Emg: Brent Prismall, David Johnson, Shannon Byrnes

Not too many complaints this week.

Shagger out! Hahaha. After Sunday's game Rick Olerenshaw interviews Shagger and says "You put on a clinic today" and Shagger replies "Dont know about that, couldnt find the big sticks" Errrrr. He was talking about the team Shagger. Hahahaha. What a boob!

Rooke back in. I wouldn't be surprised if he threw himself in front of a runaway semi and wound up injured this week (again), but you gott try these guys out.

Still no Ottens. That sucks...luckily we still got the talent.

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